About the Artist – Elin Muren

"Nature is where I find peace and inspiration. The beautiful colors on the trees on a crisp autumn day, a naked branch, a round stone by the sea, those big mountains on the west coast of Norway, the patina on an old door...”



Both the fjords and mountains in her home country Norway, and the forests and lakes in Finland, Elin's homeland for many years now, are close to her heart and a source of inspiration in all her work.

Fragments from nature are often a returning theme in her art, with a personal twist. Her background as a florist playes a big role – structures, forms, colors and balance are sources of inspiration.

As her main media, Elin uses acrylic and oil colors on canvas, but it can also be mixed media/collage on panel or wood. To get that interesting touch, she plays with modeling paste, wax, fine sand, paper and more.


2024: Upcoming summer exhibition at Runokulmagalleria in Uusikaupunki, Finland

2022: Drøyme seg vekk, Teijon Masuuni
Salo, Finland

2020: Botanical Feelings - Growth, Transience, Hope
Summer Exhibition at Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Söderkulla, Finland

2005: Møre og Romsdal Fylkesgalleri
Volda, Norway

2003: Liisa's Sushi Bar
Helsinki, Finland

1992: Alexin Galleria
Helsinki, Finland

1991: Debut Exhibition, Volda Kunstlag
Volda, Norway


2007: Raku
Volda, Norway

2006: Christmas Exhibition at Kristiansund Kunstforening

1994: Hagelstam Galleri
Helsinki, Finland

1993: Summer Exhibition arranged by Galleria Dix
Ekenäs, Finland

1985: Autumn Exhibition, Volda Kunstlag,
Volda, Norway

2017- Member at Taiko, The Online Store for Finnish Art


2020: Norwegian/Finnish Culture Fund
Suomalais-Norjalainen Kulttuurirahasto

2004: Norwegian/Finnish Culture Fund

1990: Norsk Kulturråd/Arts Council Norway